Canadian Politics

Neil Young

Neil Young is my new best friend.

I would love to believe that I can make a difference by myself but I’ve been writing letters on environmental issues ever since hearing Andrew Nikiforuk speak about the Tar Sands development at the Sunshine Coast Writers Festival several years ago. Listening to him I realized that I was retired, literate and had time to write letters to politicians so I should. I’ve been writing letters ever since, mostly about the environment, and I have yet to see any evidence at all that anyone is listening.

But let the singer of A Heart of Gold stand up and say what I’ve believed for years and Canada pays attention. Yes! I’m a happy Canadian this week.

Plus, Neil Young is not just speaking. He’s raising money so the people living downstream from the Tar Sands can challenge the government in the courts. Perhaps the high rate of bile duct cancer in these communities will actually register on the Canadian radar. Perhaps doctors and scientists will be able to testify in court. Wouldn’t it be lovely if the Canadian and Albertan governments had to take some responsibility for the situation they have actively been encouraging all these years?