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Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing   I lie awake in the darkness and laugh out loud. The sound wakens Stewart from a shallow sleep. “What’s funny?” “I’m happy,” I say and he murmurs something and sleeps again. I don’t tell him I am … Continue reading

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Nominated for a 2014 Pushcart Prize. Sandra pulled the car over to the curb. The sunset reddened the treetops but left the dilapidated row housing of Vancouver’s Downtown East Side in shadow. Women emerged from doorways, stumbled down steps, converged … Continue reading

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Canadian Politics

Neil Young is my new best friend. I would love to believe that I can make a difference by myself but I’ve been writing letters on environmental issues ever since hearing Andrew Nikiforuk speak about the Tar Sands development at … Continue reading

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The Met: Live in HD: Rigoletto

“Maestro to the pit, please. Maestro to the pit.” The house lights go down. The audience quiets and then applauds as conductor Michele Mariotti moves through the orchestra and bows. A brief word and handshake with the head violinist and … Continue reading

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A String of Pearls

  Last night I saw a short television spot on the animals in the local Humane Society. Within seconds I was in tears. The program lasted all of ten minutes. I cried for half an hour. Am I incurably sentimental? … Continue reading

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Experience Week

Experience Week – Day One On a cool Saturday in July I got out of the taxi at Cluny Hill College, the Forres campus of the Findhorn Foundation in northern Scotland. I stood still for a moment, looking about. Cluny … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day? Bah, humbug. I just wish I could say that with more conviction. The truth is, every Valentine’s Day as long as I can remember, I’ve longed to have a classic romantic evening with the man of my dreams. … Continue reading

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Alien Invaders

“Imagine we were invaded by a race of aliens, who destroyed our oceans, fouled our air, contaminated our rivers and lakes, killed our wildlife, poisoned our people. Would we just lie there and take it? Or would we unify, mobilize, … Continue reading

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Creative Writing 101

Creative Writing 101 Creative Writing 101   I sit bolt upright on the hard plastic chair, pen and paper at the ready. It’s my first evening class in a creative writing course for very short fiction. The instructor, a chunky … Continue reading

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